“‎Theorists of journalism have long noted parallels

to Heisenberg's uncertainty principle in physics:

by reporting on something, one subtly but irrevocably changes it.”

- James Boswell (in Yagoda, Ben. The Art of Fact, 1998, p. 29)



I am generally available for commentary on issues related to social inequality, controversy, and debate, whether for breaking news events or direct quotation for in-depth, investigative reporting--in print, radio, televisual, or virtual-based mediums.  My contact information is available on the home page.

Below are some examples of my recent media appearances.

  1. Swaay Magazine, “Charlottesville: Where Were The Women?” (22 August 2017)

  2. Hartford Courant, “Despite Lack of Confederate Monuments, Furor Still Resonates in Connecticut” (22 August 2017)

  3. WNPR, Politics Unusual, “African American Sororities and Fraternities” (4 July 2017

  4. Center for Documentary Studies at Duke University, “Citizen Thind: Seeing White, Part 10)” (14 June 2017

  5., “How Being a News Junkie Makes you Racist” (1 June 2017)

  6. The Times-Picayune, “Principal in Nazi gear is gone, just like the monuments he supported” (26 May 2017)

  7. Associated Press, “Boston sports struggle with perception built on racist past” (3 May 2017)

  8. Chicago Tribune, “ ‘Burning Sands’ offers a lesson in hazing violence” (27 April 2017)

  9. The Root, “Does a Black Face in a White Place Count as Progress at the University of Ala?” (27 April 2017)

  10. Hartford Courant, “Why MLK, Jr.'s Words And Actions Are Relevant Today” (25 January 2017)

  11. NTN24, “Sociólogo explica las medidas y los cambios que se deben tomar para erradicar la división racial en EE.UU.” (9 July 2016)

  12. The Los Angeles Times, “Can you make a non-racist Tarzan movie?” (1 July 2016)

  13. The Los Angeles Times, “The Atticus Finch Effect at the Movies: Do we still need a white savior?” (15 July 2015)

  14. The New York Times, “The University of Oklahoma Video, and the Problem Fraternities Can’t Fix Themselves” (14 March 2015)

  15. The Associated Press, “Oklahoma Isn’t Alone in Race-Related Fraternity Incidents” (14 March 2015)

  16. CNN, “Are Frats ‘a form of American Apartheid’” (10 March 2015)

  17. Inside Higher Ed, “Deadliest and Most Racist?” (9 March 2015)

  18. Marie Claire. “Revolution on Sorority Row” (September 2014)

  19. USA Today. “Some students see little diversity in sorority rush.” (24 January 2014)

  20. USA Today.  “End racial bias in fraternities, sororities: Column.” (2 October 2013)

  21. Inside Higher Ed.  “It’s not just Alabama.”  (September 2013)

  22. USA Today.  “College changes sorority process amid racism claims.” (September 2013)